A spring day 2008 an old hobby was rediscovered and combined with a new one. I started to take pictures of our winged friends with my newly purchased DSLR camera. So who am I?

My name is Jens Stålberg, was born in 1975 and lives in Lund with my fiancee. Apart from birds and photo, home make over and travelling fills my time. And of course I work as well, as IT consultant, but work is just a way to put food on the table ans should not be mixed up with important stuff like hobbys.

Bird pictures are primerily taken in the south west corner of Sweden where I live, and on Öland where I have a summer house. I have also had the possibility to travel some the last years and have combined traditional tourism with bird photography. Some of the pictures on the site are from these trips.

Are you interested in knowing more about me, buying pictures, knowing more about the website or just reach me for some other reason, you can find contact information in the menu above. Welcome to mybirdies.se!



Corn Bunting







Squacco Heron